In Store Services

When your customer fights traffic to shop you on a busy Saturday, and spends money on gas to come to your store, they have exhibited something that is not to be taken lightly. They have exhibited "willingness to pay." When you are out of stock, or there is a poor store associate - maybe a part time seasonal hire who is supposed to delight your customer with his knowledge and expertise to sell a

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Employee Training

You have stores. We have people. You have vendors who are loading rep commissions and training fees into your COGS. We lower your costs by using our embedded field people to train your employees to sell the products you retail. As a result, we can do it cheaper. We can do it better.

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Sales Agency

Big retailers today have high walls. We know these people and for 25 years we have spoken their language. Crafting programs, consulting with you, and selling complete merchandising assortments is what we do.

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Sales Edge Management's Team has been integral to the company's growth over time. Sales Edge management controls all business and organizational activities to coordinate all the entities to successfully work together using all our available resources efficiently and effectively. Sales Edge's management team comprises planning, selling, organizing, staffing, leading and profitably controlling the organization.

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Sales Edge What we offer

  • In Store Services
  • Employee Training
  • Sales Agency
  • Directors

For 30 years, Sales Edge is a company that sells, sets and fully merchandises product groups for big retail.

Sales Edge is a training and education company - focusing on talent development in the stores so all your on the floor associates are trained to delight the customer.

Our business is based on practical economics that deliver efficiencies through accountable action.  

We are proud of our on-going service to the following retailers:

Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse
Tractor Supply Company
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Family Dollar Stores
Fred's Super Dollar Stores 

Sales Edge is a leading retail services company that sets, services and sells products throughout the United States.

We educate the retailer's employees to sell the products as an aggregated function, with continuing representation based on vendor and retailer demand.


Sales Edge Service of Virginia

100 West Main Street

Wytheville, VA  24382

tel. (888) 566-7253

fax. (276) 228-3811


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.